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Belgian-style beers in FoCo

Belgium's known for its excellence in chocolate, waffles, and beer, which means brunch over there must be f***ing epic. For a local brewery finally giving you a place to dabble in the good life, check out Funkwerks' tasting room.A spankin' new CO brewery run by two masters who met during a cross-continental suds-ucation program (Munich/Chicago's Siebel Institute & World Brewing Academy) and dedicated wholly to the holy saison (farmhouse ale), Funkwerks is now unveiling a taproom decked out with lightwood trim and metal chairs/countertops, all stationed on Brewery Road in Fort Collins, though nowhere near Kerry Collins, as then they'd be out of stock by 11AM. They'll have four taps of their own beers in full effect, anchored by all-organic joints including their 6.8% ABV, flagship original saison with German & American malts, German opal, and French yeast (as well as hints of orange, lemon verbena, ginger and pepper), and a 4.2% ABV 'very light saison" that's sweeter and has more body, though perhaps tellingly, they don't mention anything about its face. On the non-organic front (...if you care about such things), they're also pouring a white saison with orange peel, grapefruit, coriander and ginger notes (it "smells of Trix" during the brewing process!), as well as a malty, dark saison that clocks in around 8% and has a "good hop background", though not a "good hip hop background" because they don't want this thing to knock you out, regardless of what Momma says. If those four styles can't quench your thirst, your name is probably Kerry Collins, and you can hit up also-poured varietals from their sister brewery Crooked Stave, or get their Cherry Saison available by the bottle -- though if you're waffling about whether to buy one, you've clearly never brunched in Belgium. As previously stated: epic.