KARVT Wood Skins

Handsome wood accents can jazz up almost anything, from 1980s station wagons, to 1890s wagon wagons, though everyone would've been too busy selfishly dying of dysentery to notice your impeccable paneling. Give your Mac the wood treatment, with KARVT.

Sized to fit all recent versions of Macbooks/iPads/iPhones, KARVT spruces (!) up Mac products with removable real, naturally grained wood skin, all made by a Broomfield-based former IT guy, who apparently wasn't content to just look down on others for what was inside their computers. Skinning starts with timber (cedar/cherry/bamboo/pine/maple) sourced from select international mills, which is sanded, cleaned, and finished (with a chocolate color for certain timbers) before being cut to shape by a Legend 36EXT laser, then re-cleaned, hand-buffed and finished again, ensuring each final product retains its individual "wood grains, patterns and knots"...knot that you'd know the difference anyway. For exotic authenticity with minimal environmental degradation, they've just released a grip of styles cut from "rapidly growing trees harvested in a managed, sustainable way" like ebony, teak, light beige/vertically striped zebrawood, and dotted birdseye maple, which ironically, tastes less bland than maple-smoked Birdseye.

They're also set to release a series of totally non-wood skins in colors so bold, it'll be impossible for people to be dysenterested.