Yakkity Yak (Goes on your back)

Published On 12/21/2010 Published On 12/21/2010

America's taken plenty from Tibet, like the sage teachings of a certain long-exiled Buddhist spiritualist, whom critics eventually did forgive for that thing with the gerbil, though good luck with Nights in Rodanthe. Now we're also taking their yaks, with Khunu.

Dreamed up by a CO native after living in Beijing, Glenwood Springs-based Khunu crafts ultra-warm "premium yak wool knitwear" yanked from animals grazing the northern Tibetan Plateau, who apparently "seem to like being combed" -- unless it's by that one foul-mouthed dude in Spaceballs, who among the yaks, definitely has found s**t. All the warmness starts as sheddings, which're picked up/cleaned after the animals' natural, annual May/June de-coating, before being spun into a unique, breathable fabric that "doesn't hold odor", is "more durable than cashmere", and has been found to be up to 15% warmer than Merino wool by "independent labs", and who knows coats better than liberated dogs? The lodge-or-city-ready, three-piece catalog consists of the quarter-zip, side-paneled Chimera (which works as a "midlayer ski top or for a lightweight hike"); the suede-trimmed jacket/sweater hybrid Khampa (which they refer to as the "Cadillac of our small collection"); and the thicker/warmer, "everyday" Slingsby, which's named for a "pioneer of ski mountaineering" whose name hilariously portended the results of all his ski mountaineering.

Because the word "yak" can't be used enough, they're also planning to release accessories like a yak travel bag and yak leather journal: perfect for heartfelt reflection on Rodanthe's nights in you.



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