Sjotime Industries

Getting laid off can be a blessing in disguise that frees people up to do what they really want, which generally tends to be talking about how getting laid off can be a blessing in disguise, and nothing. Eschewing thumb-twiddling for wood-whittling: the axed-man behind Sjotime.From a Denver-bred Metro State alum who turned his woodworking hobby into a full-time job after an architectural layoff, Sjotime creates "youthful furniture" in a north-of-RiNo workspace where prototypes're developed on a versatile computer/cutter-head jig called a CNC machine, which can churn out all sorts of Things That Make You Go Hmmm.Behold three of his most impressive offerings:Revolution Entry Table: A both cheery and cherry "entry piece perfect for an apartment", this joint's got a key bowl and mail slots up top, and a retractable recycle bin down below -- though if you haven't entered the green revolution, it's just trash. Stitch Lounge Chair and Ottoman: A low-slung lounger with a birch ply frame and walnut veneer, the Stitch harkens back to "classic furniture designs from the '40s - '60s" and has fasteners in plain sight to avoid looking like it's held up by "magic", which coincidentally, was also an effective way to hold someone up all the way up to the '40s.White Coral Custom Entertainment Center: Able to pick up clicker signals through its intricately patterned, layered/ perforated front panels, his piece de resistance is inspired by actual "coral surfaces", also TJ Lavin's comment every time she popped back up from a water challenge, much to everyone's disappointment.Because it's impossible to have too many handsome, decorative homewares, he's also got multiple key/mail organizers made from "chunky, yet subtle blocks of cherry" that he boasts are helpful for life's "bill paying exercises", which for the recently unemployed, are probably the only type of exercise they won't get around to.

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