Fresh, eco-friendly gear

Most truly committed eco-freaks just wash their hands of fashion, or would, were they not equally committed to never washing. For legit eco-warriors embracing their sartorial side, check out Nau's Fall/Winter Collection.Just hitting Denver's shelves, Portland-based, eco-conscious Nau's new collection of "slope side and street side" outerwear uses materials like 100% organic cotton, recycled polyester and "ethically resourced" wool, and even go as far as buying carbon offsets, donating 2 percent of all purchases to charity, and hiring a watchdog group to monitor their factories overseas -- if you thought sewing for 18 hours a day was fun, imagine watching sewing for 18 hours a day! Brand new and reworked outerwear for this season includes the 850-fill down insulated (though surprisingly un-puffy) "Rheostat" with a recycled poly shell, the breathable Merino wool "Dualist" inspired by "vintage cycling jackets", and the "Shroud of Purrin Blazer" with "kitten-belly soft faux-fur lining" and a shell from water-resistant "recycled post-consumer and post-industrial waste", which'll make you the prettiest girl in Thunder Dome. Non-jacket goodness includes bags like the cotton canvas duffel "Fluent Traveler" and classic messenger "Motil Commuter", a pinstriped variation on their staple work shirt dubbed the "Free Range", and a recycled poly ski/board pant called the "Bender", appropriate, as it's likely you'll get wrecked going down the slopes.Thermal accessorizing comes via scarves in 650-fill down poly or black/white plaid wool, which'll have you looking good, even if you smell baaad.