About Last Night at Pacific Time

Following up with nice ladies whose digits you get out on the town can be tough, especially when so many of them live at the exact same flooring warehouse whose number seems to spell 305-U-CREEPY. Get a guaranteed follow-up plus free booze and legendary food, at About Last Night.

Kicking off on Tues, ALN's a weekly, meet-new-people-of-the-opposite-sex soiree at chef Jonathan Eismann's landmark Pacific Time: they're gonna clear the bar area for maximum interaction, swing free drinks to get everyone lubricated, offer a special small plates menu, and hire a photog to diligently snap pics and tag everyone onto a Pacific Time Facebook album, so you can avoid face-to-face rejection, and head on home and get shot down 20 times in a row from the comfort of your very own bean bag chair. The open bar runs for the first hour and offers lychee martinis, cosmos, and on tap, Monk In The Trunk Organic Amber Ale from Jupiter's own Inlet Brewing Company; once the free stuff tapers off, you'll get slashed prices on the aforementioned drinks, plus their normal menu, featuring standouts like Tuscan lemonade and The Vesper: Beefeater, Stoli, and Lillet Blanc, shaken not stirred -- how Bond felt when he realized Vesper was a dude. For buffering the booze, the small plate menu rocks duck confit w/ mu shu, hoisin, pomegranate, and cilantro; a seafood salad w/ salmon toro, tobiko, tuna, Turks and Caicos conch, and roasted pineapple; and a red curry dish with bananas, coconut water, and local black grouper cheeks, which their grandmothers love to pinch, before thinking their names were "Flounder".

The Facebook album, called "The Morning After", will encourage everyone in attendance to pick guests for awards like Best Dressed, Nicest Eyes, and Couple Most Likely To Hook Up, which you'll be happy to apply to yourself and anyone who doesn't live at Woody's Flooring Emporium.