Damn the rich, for always jetting off to Monaco, drinking tall frosty beverages while surveying their land and, most galling of all, leafing through thick books of furniture fabric swatches and saying "ooh, this one's nice". Affordably giving you that third one's special feeling, EQ3

A Canada-based co with a just-opened Miami showroom, EQ3 takes handsomely modern, upholstery-ready pieces (couches, chairs, ottomans, headboards, toss-cushions, slipcovers) similarly priced establishments might offer in two colors, and gives you the giddy option of 100 different furniture-jackets. The three directions you can go: poly-cotton stuff in both solids and suavely cool patterns; top-of-hide leather in a broad spectrum of hues and finishes, from 100-grade (highly-processed and slick) to 500-grade (less processed, more rustic, so beating it up adds to character); and microfibers (super tough and easy to maintain) which, depending on the length of the "plush", feel like velvet, suede, or something in-between (so you'll boast to guests that it's "suelvet"). The rest of the stock's highlighted by Canuck-made dressers and tables; real cow hides; "rugs" ("Circuit", a 7.5 x 5-foot circuit board for your floor); and lamps like the "Boxy" (literally a white cube of light), and the "Fungi", which either looks like a foot-tall 'shroom with a green cap, or Mickey Rooney, with a green cap

There's also stuff girls are better at buying (bedding), and a surprising array of tchotchkes, like "Sensei" (robed, Fu Manchu-ed wise man statue), Ninja-Kun (a Ninja Bunny), Kenta the Ninja Boy (w/ throwing stars!), and a bespectacled dude with a bad haircut named "Hiro The Nerd" -- giving you another special feeling, that you're not alone.