A 50's bar with a flirt room

Turning back the clock can be great fun, like the NFL with its throwback uniforms, or if you're Marky Mark in Fear, and it helps fool Reese Witherspoon's dad into thinking she's not past curfew as you get awesome on a roller coaster. For a nightlife spot turning back the clock to get other awesome, check out Lounge 46

46's a wine & beer lounge/eatery serving "Americane" cuisine (honoring Miami by fusing Latin, Caribbean, and American), and is modeled after 50s bars, boasting a black leather lounge up front, vintage albums on the walls, and a back "Flirt Room" with a parlor vibe thanks to padded upholstered walls and framed pinup girl covers from mid-century lad mag Flirt, which in the 50s, you needed Marty McFly's help to do properly. The pinup-image-printed menu's highlighted by the Headhunter, a build-your-own-burger with options for meat (house-ground beef, ahi, lamb, jerk chicken, shrimp), cheese (blue, cheddar, brea, smoked mozz), toppings (applewood smoked bacon, prosciutto, avocado), and bread, including brioche, a soft pretzel bun, and challah sesame, which's also enjoyed by beloved children's characters Cookie Matzoh and Snuffleupawitz. There's also a $7 menu that offers Citadel Soup, a San Fran-inspired seafood stew with crab, shrimp, and mussels, but spiced up with Caribbean flavors; jerk chicken and waffles with a special syrup; and another chicken dish with a spicy sweet sauce they call "Mambo" -- just don't eat four of them and ask for another, cause everyone's grown to hate Mambo #5

For that whole drinking thing, they've got wine, Champagne, and pots of white and red sangria, while beers include La Fin du Monde, Haiti's Prestige, and Murphy's Red. They're also planning poetry nights and open mics for local musicians, while everyday tunes'll be throwback stuff like the Righteous Brothers' "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" -- exactly what happened to Reese once her dad revealed the truth: she'd stayed up past 11pm. Ahhhhhh!