Food & Drink

Jonathan Eismann goes Texas

With Q, Pacific Time mastermind Jonathan Eismann's employing a range of BBQ styles (dry rubs, light sauces, classic brines & cures) and a Bewley pit shipped from Dallas plus an on-site smoke house to magic-up deliciousness like Gotta Have Ribs! (1/4-rack rubbed spares, 1/4-rack Hop Sings' KC-style sweeties), the Q Doggie (pulled hog & house slaw on a toasted dog bun w/ fried pickles). Drinks include bourbon-intensives like the Kentucky Lemonade (fresh lemonade, Maker's, Beam, and Wild Turkey), and one with muddled cherries, Maker's, apple juice, and a touch of bitters called the New Fashion -- and if that's true, what the hell are you supposed to do with all those capris?