Foxtown taqueria brings the heat

Surprisingly not founded by the chicks that dumb guy on The League sleeps with, Hot Taco is actually from the Town Pump/Centaur Bar dude (who may also have slept with Taco, as Jon Lajoie's stupidity is apparently very attractive), who's created a cozy, red-walled taqueria with window seating for those who like watching passersby, and counter seating for those who like watching telenovelas on Univision, even though those tears are only from the hot peppers, right man!?Start off with a run of corn or flour tacos laden with salsa verde, cheese, red onion, and meats including secret-recipe pulled pork, blackened shrimp, mango chutney-topped steak, and, purportedly rivaling the best of San Diego, Baja-style fish, so delicious you might force yourself to boot just so you can Rally. Next up're burritos loaded with chicken stock-stewed rice & beans, fresh avocado, and the aforementioned proteins, while those with a serious hankering can actually nab an entire spit-broasted bird that gets a special house-spice-blend rub job, after which, being broasted, the chickens all high-five each other.While booze is still in the works, they're soaking yours up by staying open until 2a, the best way to end a night when it turns out every woman you hit on was out of your league.