Fly on by for these home fixtures

Because nothing's more annoying than watching Steve Guttenberg pretend he's funny enough to act intentionally unfunny, the bespectacled brother & sister duo behind City Bird are skipping going Home for the Holidays, opting instead to keep the spanking-new shop Nest open late for shoppers. Those looking for ruggedly retro home goods will find them surrounded by brick walls, reclaimed wheeled wooden display cases, and a few bookshelves that they technically took from the former Cass location, but in case you don't want to spend too long browsing, here're some of the owners' top gift picks

Grab up some German botanical posters first illustrated in the '50s and reproduced here by the original printing company (only two other spots in the US carry them), or snag an Amana Woolen Mill Civil War Blanket, which thankfully won't be historically enritching.

They're also quite bullish on glass "air plant" ornaments containing bromeliads, which they crafted themselves, but for those who prefer their Christmas trees turned into something more useful, there're refined wooden bowls from Holland Bowl Mill, which in spite of being based in Michigan could still earn some attention for your nether land.

Of course all this shopping is bound to build up quite a thirst, so they recommend you grab a few jars of local fave McClure's Bloody Mary mix, which, if your girlfriend's intent on watching Holly Hunter Christmas flicks, you're going to want to Downey a whole bunch of.