Rickshaw Bags

While everyone wants their worldly possessions to be as unique as possible, there's always the nagging fear that "limited run" is actually code for "no one likes it enough to buy more". Grab a boutique bag with pedigree, from Rickshaw Bagworks

Made-to-order in a Dogpatch warehouse, Rickshaws are the brainchild of two former Timbuk2 execs, who mastered comfort and quality peddling to the masses before going small-scale to reconnect with their customers and play lots of Office Nerf Basketball. Their real-deal messengers range from the nylon, pouch-sized "Small Zero" (w/ iPod/notebook pockets) to the behemoth "Technical" with compression/extension straps for big, awkward loads; practical laptop bags come in three thicknesses and boast features like quick-adjust straps and optional magnet bindings to avoid derailing meetings with roaring Velcro -- though you're still free to disrupt them by insisting that everyone "check out these crazy magnets!!". You can order said bags online in tons of colors, pick one up at Rickshaw's "storefront", or better yet (and for the same price) hit the warehouse to select your bag's top flap fabric and watch them sew it up -- they've got everything from raw denim to Burberry, huge among the equestrian messenger set

RB's grand opening party's tonight (from 4-9), with bag raffles, plus gratis food and New Belgium Brew -- great, because while you might've doubted "boutique", you've always trusted "free".