Spearmint Rhino, minus the horn(y)

Leaving behind a debauched past is hard, unless you're Sasha Grey and you keep playing an adult star, just on a different channel of premium cable TV. For a club from guys trying to leave the "strip" out of it, check out 1616.

Finally opening to the public on Halloween, 1616's the new totally non-nude, bottle-service-and-red-rope nightclub from the guys behind the strip-club chain Spearmint Rhino, which was a much better name than their second choice: Girls Who Don't Want To Do This, But Do Because Of A Variety of Issues. The two-bar'd cavernous interior's got elements of an opulent Spanish villa due to its fancified iron grate windows (peering into the tassel curtain-enclosed private rooms), yellow-hued lights, color-changing, cloud-like ceiling, orange-beige paint job and textured white stone walls, but not texting white stone walls, since those can't hope to keep up with the more dexterous Japanese versions. Of course, there's a full booze selection as well as bottle service; plus they've also got a lengthy food menu, with options like grilled cheese w/ Balder Farms cheddar and prosciutto, a peanut-sauced Thai chicken pizza, and Southern-fried chicken w/ 3 sauces: kung pao, chinese honey mustard, and buttermilk that's been herbed, so feel free to make fun of it.

For their opening on Halloween, they're throwing a monster blowout, with members of the, um, Memphis Grizzlies, a cash-prized costume contest, and shuttle service to the afterparty at the Rhino at 3am -- a point in the night when you'll be grateful to enter into a Grey area.