A pig-named place for you to pig out

If you've been out awhile, getting back in the game is tough, especially if you're Golden Tate and carrying around all that extra Top Pot maple bar weight. Making a much smoother, less felonious transition, the dude behind Lecosho.

After stepping away from the resto game, and his (still) super-successful Matt's In The Market, Matt's back with a Harbor Steps 70-seater (which takes its name from the Chinook word for pig) boasting exposed ducts, rich mahogany furniture, and a sueded banquette lining one of its three window-walled sides; the open kitchen in back's serving Northwest-sourced boot-influenced grub in a style they're calling "food we like", since "food we lick" kind of narrowed their options to Bomb Pops and the sticks from Fun Dip. Dinner choices include a house-brined Carlton Farms Pork Chop w/ soft polenta & salsa verde; a seasonal wild mushroom/pecorino romano Hand Made Cavatelli in a white wine reduction; and Grilled Mackerel w/ lemon, olives & bitter greens, who're limited mostly to A.C., thanks to all that sex he's not having. Smaller eats range from Penn Cove Mussels steamed w/ chorizo & fennel tops, to stella-espresso rubbed Beef Short Ribs w/ pickled beets, to a shrimp/clams/mussels/halibut/saffron sofrito broth Catalan-style Fish Soup, which is no doubt very Messi.

Because you tell better anecdotes when you drink, there's a full bar, a slickly-curated list of wines by the glass, and three taps; plus during happy hour they'll sometimes serve wine and/or beer by the carafe, or by the punchbowl, also the name of the last big game Golden had a chance to get in, sponsored by Carquest.