Bags for humans

Nothing clutters your pad like the 12 bags that ensure that, even when you're not in your pad, you're not without your clutter. For the solution, turn to drugs: Cocaine Mule

Started by two Angelenos under the motto "in the new world order, everyone's a mule for somebody", Mule puts out variously purposed/sized bags that, thanks to "intuitive modularity", hook up to form one big super-bag. The foundation's an 18oz-canvas messenger w/ antique nickel zippers, three exterior pockets, interior cell phone and pen pockets, and docking stations for three "accent packs" -- 3-, 6-, and 9-inch add-ons good for carrying everything from change-of-clothes/toothpaste/acne-pad on down to your good-luck Ron Cey bobblehead. The accent packs connect via Velcro and magnetic buttons on both the exterior and the bigger bags' straps, which can themselves be removed for carrying an accent pack as a shoulder bag or wearing it around your waist -- giving new life to the fanny pack, even as your own lifeforce is sucked dry by wearing a fanny pack

Soon, CM'll be introducing laptop pouches, attache cases, and "clean cases": made specifically as a bag for bathroom materials, they're the only CM product that's waterproof, so when your clutter starts to ooze, at least it won't ooze onto your other clutter.