Dirty Show

Everyone knows the greatest stuff comes from Detroit. Actually, that's a lie -- Detroit's gross. But, awesomely, so is this: Dirty Show.

A decade-long Motor City tradition, Dirty Show's the world's largest erotic art exhibit, with debauched works from over 100 artists, making its LA debut this weekend in an unusual venue: 18 rooms of a no-tell motel downtown, accessible only through a back alley, and man, are hookers ever impressed by that! Art runs the range of human (and occasionally inhuman) sexuality, with some of the classiest including fine-art photos of a woman kissing the air while her cleavage spills out of a skintight leather corset; a painting of a large-breasted afro'ed Pam Grier-looking woman wearing just a star, and a lingerie-clad woman at a farm's stable wearing the mask of a horse -- of course, of course! They've also got weird stuff for the weirdys ranging from coed, toe-sucking 69s to wolf-head-clad dudes playing strip poker to a smut star "wearing" an intense amount of clothespins on her mouth/jugs to full-on graphic sex acts -- the kind of stuff you can also apparently see on the Internet, so says Newsweek magazine!

Both nights have free-entry after-parties, which, in the past have been people-watching orgies as attendees have ranged from near-naked strippers to post-op trannys, great stuff, but unlike Detroit, no more pistons.