Nostalgia for the 1920's is constantly in evidence, thanks to basement speakeasies, burlesque clubs, and the sinking feeling that Germany is probably up to no good over there. Transport yourself back to the best parts of those times at Era, starting Saturday.Era's a new monthly party aiming to reclaim the roaring '20s glory to your Depression-reliving now, via both heavily-encouraged '20s cocktail attire, and its location: a previously closed-to-the-public indoor/outdoor penthouse atop the 13th floor of Downtown's Oviatt Building, the first Art Deco building in LA (erected in 1927), used in that era as a Hollywood scenester gathering spot, famous for where Clark Gable invented the Worm. Save newish (yet era-appropriate) carpeting, the whole thing's still decorated exactly as it was back in the day: the inside's got a fully-furnished bedroom w/ glossy stained wood cabinets and a nicely-made bed, a living room w/ a rectangular marble fireplace and an ornate hardwood floor, and a "saloon" that houses the estate's original bar, featuring triangular bottle-holding cabinets, and zebra-skin stools, presumably from a time when poaching was still an Olympic event. Outside's got another full bar as well as a cornea-melting 360-degree view of downtown, with a 10-foot-wide neon clock overlooking an intimate checkered dance floor; music's thankfully not retro, instead provided by TBA bands and electro DJ's, including trip-hoppy sibling duo Beat Ventriloquists, which is also just great advice.Admission's $20, which you'll quickly offset via gratis premium vodka drinks for the bash's first hour, at which you'll brazenly order things in fours, out of nostalgia for your own early '20s.