Sweet gear, now with its own e-shop

Living in a frat house has perks like free-flowing beer and the bonhomie of male companionship, but eventually the time comes to grow up, move out, and ditch rampaging floormates/explaining under-cleavage posters to your visiting nana. For a clothing company taking the big step towards maturity, check out Ludwig

Formerly available online only through multi-designer storefronts, LA's Ludwig, after much consternation, finally launched their very own online shop today, peddling their spring line of stylish, curiously composer-inspired streetwear in their own sweet e-pad, gloriously free of the clutter of competitors' hoodies/spilled bongwater. The newness includes a slew of custom-made, super-soft tees, including the Sex Pistols-influenced "Never mind the Bulls**t, listen to Beethoven", a fight poster-like tribute to classical music fan/1956 gold medal boxer Gennadi Shatkov, and an exclusive-to-their-site aquamarine version of Ludwig's trademark four-front-pocket, knit-lined hoodie -- influenced by army jackets, and now protecting your torso from an assault by Old Navy. Other freshly for-sale gear ranges from Chino pants in either ivory, black, or sky blue; to a short-sleeve dark red seersucker button-up; to a plaid-lined, semi-stretch jean jacket named the "Spartan", despite the fact that it's almost enough material to create loincloths for all 300.

To celebrate the launch, Ludwig has an open-to-the-public party tonight with free booze and a DJ -- because every time you think you're out of the frat house, the bonhomie pulls you back in.