Underground burgers and other sammies

However beefily manly the hamburger, like us, does it not also have feelings? Can it not take bubble baths, and enjoy singer/songwriters? Yes it can, according to Rowdy Red Wine and Burger Bar.Rowdy's a red-hued, banquetted, literally-underground bistro that balances beefy deliciousness with more-cuddly details (14 half-bottles o' wine, its consuming need to remind you of its eco-conscious vendor partners), named for an heirloom tomato available just three months/year, which was named for Roddy Piper. Beef comes from the environmentally-awesome Meyer Company Ranch and's served in 1/3lb, hormone-/antibiotic-free patties; options include a burger doused in bbq sauce w/ bacon and crispy onion, one awash in blue cheese & bacon, and a patty stacked w/ sauteed mushrooms, then slathered with Rowdy's homemade "special sauce" -- which is mayo & sun-dried tomato, you sicko. To provide a softening meat-quilibrium, there's a Santa Monica Seafood Ahi burger w/ wasabi mayo, farmer-direct turkey patties from LA Specialty Produce, and a BLT w/ avocado and truffle-laced mayo, because the only thing that can tame the brute manliness of bacon is insanely expensive fungi.Interestingly for a restaurant with "wine" in its name, licensing's actually prohibiting Rowdy from serving alcohol at the moment, though they hope to solve that real soon -- and they'd better, cause one thing burger also needs to do sometimes is get tore up.