Mr. Dan's Custom Kicks

Pushing a classic a step further's a risky thing -- but for every New Coke, there's a "Fifth of Beethoven", faithfully honoring the spirit of the original even while making you crave another 'lude. Successfully livening up classic Chuck Taylors, Mr. Dan.

A weekend regular at Pike Place Market, Mr. Dan customizes low- and hi-top All-Stars with bold, bright, graffiti inspired designs, intricate cityscapes, and whimsical pop iconography, a style developed during years he should have been in college, but instead was out tagging your college. Popular, customer-chosen motifs include names or phrases in aggressive 3D lettering, characters from films and comics, and caricatures of loved ones, though anything's possible: just shoot Dan your idea/design via MySpace or Gmail, and a few weeks later you'll receive your tricked out, signed and numbered kicks, fully waterproofed to ensure your old-school Nicole Eggert portrait doesn't end up looking like a sobbing Tammy Faye. For inspiration, there's a massive online gallery of past work, which includes everything from the collegiate (a Wazzu number complete with scowling cougar) to the pubescent (The Goonies' "Sloth" hollering "hey you guys!", ideal for when you're Brolin with the homies).

Mr. Dan can also art up skate-board decks, trucker hats, and messenger bags, though the last thing you want is more eyes on a satchel full of new coke and old 'ludes.