Swinery On Main

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, which doesn't help things, because crab meat is super-cocky already. Opening today, the very flattering Swinery On Main

Stealing a fine idea and taking over the same prep kitchen/walk-up window recently vacated by the wildly popular Skillet food truck peeps, the crew at artisanal West Seattle butcher Swinery are running their back-end operation (assembling sandwiches; hanging and curing meats), and slingin' breakfast, lunch, and dinner from a nondescript, drab, gray building right in the middle of everything but still hard to find, because in Seattle, drab and gray blends in with...everything. Break your fast with a Breakfast Waffle Dog w/ vanilla infused maple syrup or chorizo/scrambled/potato/pepper jack breakfast burritos; sandwiches include the bacon, egg & cheese New Yorker and their signature breakfast beast w/ rosemary brown sugar sausage, scrambled egg & cheddar on a lard biscuit, giving you the rare non-cannibal opportunity to eat what your are. As the day goes on, SOM busts out apps (Beef Fat Fries), salads, entrees like Gabriel's Cassoulet, with lamb stew, duck confit, Toulouse sausage & duck skin crumb, and sandwiches ranging from the Brat Burger, with a bratwurst sausage patty & caramelized sauerkraut, to the bacon patty/griddled bacon dog/more bacon/caramelized red onion/cheddar Boss Hog that's General-Lee a Hazzard to your health

SOM'll be open 'til midnight most game days; its afraid-of-alcohol beverage list includes Fonte Coffee, Pellegrino, and real-sugar-based Mexican Coke -- but enjoy too much of it, and wake up with your cocky all crabbed.