Wall Street returns to its boozy roots

Truly unique spaces demand inspired actions -- the Sistine Chapel's stirring height necessitated the vivid colors used by Michelangelo, and the House on Stilts in Lethal Weapon 2 was all like "C'mon Riggs, pulling me down with a truck would f*&%ing rule". And it was totally right. For a watering hole mandating next-level cocktail service, hit up Bar Seven Five.

Flush with linear-minimalist elements like vertically slatted wooden walls and horizontal rows of suspended glass lights, BSF filled their space with sparkling black blocks functioning as sit-or-stand tables, then opted against actually having a bar, an uncommon layout that has galvanized the cocktail team to finish cart-delivered drinks tableside a la 1800s Pullman rail cars, while taking care to not duplicate authentic spillage. Helmed by the big swinging mixologists behind Alchemy Consulting, the seasonal menu's mostly local and fittingly retro: the year-round 75 Smash mingles applejack from America's first commercial distillery and Fee's Old Fashioned bitters (for winter warmth) with lemon, mint, and crushed ice; a Cruzan Black Strap Dark & Stormy's made with house-pressed ginger syrup; and the Perfect Pearl Manhattan's made w/ Bulleit and Lagavulin, an homage to NYC's 19th century Scotch craze, which kicked off a love affair with men in skirts that was only ended by Giuliani. Further hooch includes classically-made gimlets and old fashioneds, plus a marg made w/ Lunazul and Creole Shrubb orange liqueur, a "New and Improved" Holland Cocktail with Bols Genever/Luxardo/absinthe/bitters, and the Plymouth/Lillet/Creole Shrubb/absinthe Corpse Reviver #2, though drinking #1 is probably what killed him in the first place.

They're also bringing in a ream of eclectic Scotches to be poured over locally sourced sculpture-grade ice, while the kitchen'll provide cheeses, charcuterie, and hot bites like jumbo chili shrimp and shepherd's pie, all of which will eventually inspire actions after entering the unique space of your stomach.