Retro, man-only barbershop

Although working your way up the corporate ladder seems like a good plan, you can't be afraid to get off, because no matter how tempting it looks, that last step says right on it that it's definitely not a step. Cutting out of corporate life to cut up your headpiece, the guy behind Bolt

Bolt's a dude-only, retro-feeling barbershop (complete with an antique shuffleboard table and a circa-'56 vinyl jukebox, as well as modern fixtures like two 50in plasmas) started by a guy who was once a global marketing exec for P&G, and is now a mohawked straight-razor master pursuing his lifelong dream of barbering, already depicted in a massive tattoo of a barbershop on his back, where he's boldly been boasting his fantasy to the inside of his shirt. The shop's got 10 stations, each equipped with a refurbished, old-school Koken chair and 8 different clippers, with barber-college-trained hairmasters shearing both technical and more classic cuts (fades, tapers, pomps, etc), each including a straight-razor neck cleanup and a shoulder rub using a hand-shaped, '40s-ish Stim-U-lax Electric Massager, shockingly not purchased at The Hustler Store. In addition, Bolt also offers legit lather shaves with four towel-downs (3 hot, one cold) as well as shoe shines from a once-homeless man who graduated from Skid Row's Midnight Mission, trained under a spit-shine master, and now works at a station imported from New York's Grand Central Terminal, minus the gawking Midwestern tourists who just won't get out of the way, despite being unfailingly polite.

For a nominal fee, regulars can also get a card that gives them free drinks while they're getting serviced, and Bolt's also planning on soon launching its own line of products -- 'cause it becomes much easier to let go of that corporate ladder when your hands are covered in beard lube.