Starting a business can be tough, from finding seed money, to hiring good employees, to tracking down office space, which you should've known your roomie stole when he moved out and claimed he had a "backup" copy. Damn your crafty moves, Jeff Beal!! Giving you a tricked-out office setup so you can take over at least a small portion of the world: MiamiShared.

Started by a dude who bought vast, slick office space/everything else needed for his three online companies, then realized he'd massively overestimated the awesomeness of said companies, MiamiShared offers a collaborative work environment with flexible long- or short-term setups, giving you all the benefits of an office without working for a company uptight enough to have offices. Options include nabbing a random work station part-time each month, your own "dedicated" full-time personal deal with a desk with lockable cabinets, or a private office (fitting up to 8 peeps); whichever plan you get, you can attend "networking" events where they pull in everyone for stuff like Pizza Monday and Friday Potluck, which usually only happens when Old School's on and 7-11 has 2-for-1 on Croissant Pockets. All clients also get use of a receptionist, super-fast WiFi, a cleaning service, time slots in a video conference room, 24hr security, a break room with free coffee, and discounts at nearby restos with expensive coffee; if you've got a dedicated space or office, you also nab a mailing address, logo placement on walls or office door, and an hour a week of secretarial services like faxing, scanning, making appointments, and package delivery, which's handy if you're Brett Favre, and don't have an unlimited texting plan.

Because a business cannot live on WiFi and awesome Pizza Mondays alone, they've also got optional services like web design, SEO to get your startup noticed, and "dedicated parking", which your gf totally did with Lumberg. Oh! Oh! Oh!