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Eat more chikn

Things that are taken for granted in one place, can be a celebrated rarity in others, like bulls in china shops -- people love those guys!! Going from non-existent to rare in the city of Angels, Chick-fil-a, just open by USC

As if you didn't know, Chick-fil-a's the ultra-culty Georgia-based fast-foodery that's finally landed in LA proper after teasing SoCal with spots in locales like Torrance and Cerritos, which sounds delicious but don't eat it, it's the childhood home of former First Lady Pat Nixon! To get you familiar with the nitty gritty, some odd facts

The chain was originally known as the Dwarf Grill and still features a full service variation of the normal resto called the Dwarf House, which also includes deep fried pies and steakburgers, as well as a "Dwarf-sized" front door, enter-able only by children and "small adults".

Any kids toy, no matter how old, can be returned for a free ice cream, though, annoyingly, they don't say what you're supposed to do about that kid begging for his toy back.

Their "Moo Manifesto" states that the Chick-fil-a cow can never speak. So... apparently they've got a Moo Manifesto

You can order one single nugget -- though judging by his temper, it probably shouldn't be Nene.

Their slogan "EAT MOR CHIKIN" was temporarily halted in 2003/04 so as not to seem insensitive to the mad cow disease scare. Ha!

All locations are closed on Sunday, because, like In-N-Out, the founders are hyper-religious. Or can't peel themselves away from CBS's eye-opening hit series Undercover Boss. Take your pick.

As with other locations, they hyped this store's opening by gifting 100 lucky/crazy people 52 chicken combo meals over a year -- a diet that will ensure the new celebrated rarity will be laying eyes on your wang.

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