Conexiones at Rivera

Hotlines are good for many things -- finding a woman to chat with, preventing suicide, and getting in touch with Zack Morris while he's pretending to be an Australian wrestler named Nitro. For a resto incorporating another kind of useful hotline, call up Conexiones at Rivera

Conexiones is the new, multi-faceted dining concept at the super-lauded downtown Mexican favorite, which has just introduced three hyper-regional menus (each served exclusively in separate dining rooms), as well as a free hotline featuring the award-winning chef explaining the highlights and history behind each dish, then telling you to please stop asking him to meet you in public, it's against the rules. The three different restaurant sections include: Sangre (focusing on Iberian Latin roots, w/ dishes like muscovy duck w/ green olives and Seville oranges); Playa (Mexican seafood cuisine, i.e. "Cabeza De Oro" w/ foie gras, lobster, scallops, truffle, jamon iberco, and caviar), and Samba, w/ dishes culled from South/Central America like bean and chorizo stew w/ malbec reduction, and fire-grilled lamb chop, which wouldn't have to go out like that if Shari Lewis would only tell the Human Torch where Dr. Doom is keeping Jessica Alba. In addition, there's also a fourth, multi-cultural menu served throughout the entire restaurant, with Spanish peppers stuffed w/ chorizo, golden raisins, and gruyere; compressed melon w/ poached lobster and chile verde gelee; and banana-leaf braised pork shoulder, which you shouldn't drive on since it's illegal. And food.

As for the hotline, ring that bad boy up and you'll receive ultra-in-depth descriptions of the most interesting dishes as told by the chef, assuming Zack doesn't refuse to pay him, then spend most of the episode dispensing awful advice to Kelly and her woefully underused sister.