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400 beers in Downtown. Yep.

They say less is more, but those guys obviously just didn't have crap. And definitely not 400 beers, like the Democratic Republic Of Beer

From a group of buds who came up with the joint's august name during a heavy night of drinking, DRB boasts a mind-cripplingly massive 400-beer menu, to be imbibed in its smallish beer hall setting, with a couch area by a storefront window, white leather banquettes running the length of the space, a back bar with three flatscreens, and about 99 bottles of beer on the wall, which you are not allowed to take down, nor pass around. The menu reads like a geography lesson you finally care about, divided by country, with places beyond brewing giants given much respect: there's 33 Export from Vietnam, Efes Dark from Turkey, Carib Ginger Shandy from Trinidad, Beerlao from Laos, Lion Stout from Sri Lanka, Karlovacko from Croatia, Boag's Lager from Tasmania, and Xingu Black from Brazil, a modern interpretation of a brew used by ancient Amazon tribes in religious ceremonies -- and true to its pedigree, too many'll have you praying to the porcelain goddess. Offerings from more-expected nations're still exotic, with Belgium rocking a big roster (Chapeau Banana Lambic, Delirium Nocturnum, Chimay Cinq Cents White), the UK bringing it with Bitter & Twisted and Kelpie Seaweed Ale from Scotland, Double Dragon Ale from Wales, and Wychwood Hobgoblin from England, and the US holding strong with entries like Left Hand Milk Stout, Lost Coast Alleycat Amber Ale, Shmaltz He'brew Jewbelation, Boulder Sweaty Betty, and Flying Dog In-Heat Wheat -- a better beer for drinking in public than Dog With P**n Corn

DRB also has an eats menu similarly divided by global region, with European offerings like pizza and bangers & mash (Guinness-steamed beef sausages, smashed potatoes, onion gravy), potstickers from Asia, and from the Americas, peel-and-eat shrimp seasoned with beer, and jalapeno poppers, and sliders, which prove that less is indeed more, as long as you eat a crapload of them.