Dissizit Tees

Sometimes the talents you hone as a youth can lead to an actual career: just look at where skateboarding got Tony Hawk, and child acting propelled Corey Haim to nearly-Corey Feldmanish heights. For tees from a graffiti artist who turned his skillz to graphic design, spy the latest drop by Dissizit.

From the mind of a Hawaiian/Chinese dude named Slick who left the islands to flee graffiti prosecution and attend art school in L.A., Dissizit uses roomy skate-style tees as a canvas for designs that maintain the graff-ish idea of layering artwork over pre-existing stuff, and otherwise messing with the establishment, which is also exactly why you refuse to mold to society's norms of wearing more than just tee shirts. The latest collection breaks down into tees with women, and those without: "Everything Falls Apart" has a pixelated Mona Lisa partially covered by a pink graffiti paw with claws; "DLMF09" layers the slogan "Dissizit 09 Like A Mother F**ker" over a photo of a pretty/pouty girl whose long hair covers her nakedness; and "The Queen Is Dead" gets a big red cross superimposed over a young, bedroom-eyed Madonna licking a lollipop, which the nuns in grade school would consider extremely Borderline. Womenless shirts include "Soup", which looks like Warhol's famous work riddled with bullets and leaking all over the counter; "Elixir" showing a mystical perfume bottle labeled with the phrase "Liberty Or Death", levitating above grasping hands; and "Shoplifters", with a close-up photo of a pair of piercing eyes across the chest, and a play on Karl Marx with the phrase "Shoplifters of the world unite" -- heads up, Hot Topic!

Dissizit also makes flat brim caps with a big block "D" on the front, simple red nylon windbreakers with raglan sleeves and a zip-out hood, and "Swinger", with a photo of a scantily clad girl swinging from a chandelier on a zip-up hoodie -- the very article of clothing that protects the Coreys from nippy night air as they sleep fitfully in an alley.