The Falls

Taking a dive usually has negative connotations, unless it's a pencil dive, because those things kill with the babes during open swim. For a joint from a woman taking her dive game to new heights, check out The Falls.

The Falls is a new ultra-casual (read: divey) Downtown bar from the woman responsible for classic tiki dive the Lava Lounge, who left the game to try her hand at jewelry making, and now is back to booze, proving once and for all that she really should've just gone to Jared. The interior features both rustic-looking log-cabin-esque walls and others that're retro gold-lined; they've also got a weird, behind-the-bar sculpture installation featuring videos of waterfalls inside what appear to be ice cubes, plus tree-trunk tables, which are super self-conscious about their legs. Drinkwise, they've got 12 different standard beers (6 bottles, 6 draughts) as well as a fresh-ingredient-laden cocktail list w/ specials like the "Brown Durby" (Buffalo Trace/ grapefruit juice/ honey syrup); the "Horseshoe" (Jimador Blanco/ lime juice/ agave nectar/ ginger beer/ sage leaves) and the gin/ vermouth/ contreau/ orange "Satan's Whiskers", which almost certainly refers to a Soul Patch.

To keep the chilled-out mood, The Falls'll be sticking to 70s jams from bands ranging from Steppenwolf to the Bee Gees, and is flirting with the idea of live jazz, plus for the first two weeks mention Thrillist when you order a beer and you'll get a gratis shot of Buffalo Trace, though even it won't stand a chance once the babes see your Flying Squirrel.