Vintage-inspired gam covers

Combos totally rock: like peanut butter and chocolate, or Emanuel Lasker's bishop takes H7/queen D7 combo against Bauer putting him in a dream final with Isidor Gunsberg! Or milk and cookies. Combining pant styles for the sake of your gams, Grown & Sewn.Using super-high-quality vintage-inspired cloth to combine the weight/feel of khakis w/ the "guts" of jeans, the former Ralph Lauren designer behind this line turns out his signature "kax" in several durable styles, all made and hand-sorted in the US to reduce their carbon footprint, and subsequently increasing your chances of sleeping with a woman in Fremont. G&S' three dungaree inspired trousers feature signature threading & details, custom brass hardware, media coin pockets, and come in a variety of custom washed fabrications; both the more-jean heavy Foundation and the straight-leg Legend are in +3 Twill (a 3-ply American cotton made to resemble authentic military surplus), with the Foundation also available in high-count combed-cotton black Cramerton Cloth, developed for the Army in 1931 after the failure of the "doughboy" uniform (inevitable as the bulkiness of the big gold chain & LA Raiders cap made marching nearly impossible). If you'd prefer your pants even more pre-grimy, they've got the Carolina Cloth heavyweight ringspun cotton slub twill, which features herringbone pocketing and an authentic resin rinse with hand-set wear wrinkles, think of it as Abe Vigoda for legs. G&S also does bags and belts that'll be available in their online shop soon, which when combined with their khakis, make you an even better combo than Lasker and his brother at the 1890 International Chess Championship in Berlin, but not nearly as popular. Because they had milk and cookies.