Insight Apparel

A lot of good stuff comes from Australia, like Crocodile Dundee, and the Crocodile Hunter, and Crocs, which claim to be from Canada, but yeah right, even an idiot can see the pattern! For sweet Aussie gear that's inexplicably sans crocodiles, check Insight.Like most great things, Insight started as a surfboard company in Australia before expanding into gear, and has more recently made its way to the US, with some just-dropped goodness vaguely tied together by the theme "The Dark Side of the Rainbow", also the title of LeVar Burton's tell-all memoir about the insensitive corporate management strategies implemented at Reading Rainbow. This season's gear cuts a wide swath, including everything from a simple, light-denim two-pocket longsleeve button-up, to a black, shell-like hooded jacket w/ a monster-sized single button, to a slew of ultra-thin, super soft print tees, w/ graphics including a parody of Dr Strangelove with a woman straddling a rocket, though hopefully not Luis Scola, because, gross! To outfit below the waist, they've got thin, linen-esque wrinkled knee-length shorts (as well as a slightly-shorter blue seersucker number), and a bunch of boardshorts, including one that looks just like a pair of ripped jeans, and another with a bunch of little dudes called "Where's Wally," since Waldo's nearly impossible to locate -- oh wait, there he is! (False alarm, it was a barber pole). Saturday, Insight's breaking in their new Culver City warehouse with an open-to-the public party, featuring free booze, silkscreening, and live music from The Franks and Tijuana Panthers, named for another place with a lot of good stuff. Kidnappings!