Insight Clothing

It's totally kosher to rock gear designed for activities you don't engage in -- you can wear Gortex without heading to the mountains, or an NBA jersey without Ustreaming about tattoos, God, and ballet. Whether or not you surf, grab gear from Insight

With a winter drop just now crashing into Seattle, Insight's headed up by Aussies who started making clothes to match their surfboard line -- a full spectrum of pieces that "can all be worn to the beach or down the street", either by beach-bums or normal bums. The keep-you-warm starts with jackets like the hooded "Recoil" in quilted medium-weight wool with Western-style flap pockets; the hooded "Youthless", whose grunge-ish knit plaid gets a dignified touch via buttoned shoulder epaulets; and the thick wool, stand-collar "Inland Empire", bestowing leather jacket cool even if you lack the stomach to give those cows what they've got coming. Sweater yourself with the "Mid Winter" (made formal w/ a double-button row closure), the charcoal "Neu Colossal" hoody, with a thick-knit border snazzing up the zipper, and the "Dark Days" cardigan, whose extra-long cut suggests what darkened everyone's day was you flashing people

Flannel joints include the stoner-lumberjack "Blunt Time 2" in red and "Smog Blue", and "Replica", with a plaid-knit front handsomely offset against solid arms & back; lastly, tees are highlighted by the blue ringer "Call Girl", slapped with an old-timey photo of a woman engaged in an activity you frequently engage in, sitting in a chair hoping someone will ask her to have sex.