Latinized sushi hits downtown

Having the right friends can pay off huge, especially if they die and you somehow end up in their will. For a sushi joint helmed by a guy benefiting from his buddies, Japonessa Sushi Cocina.

Opened by a raw-food ninja who's chef'd for some of Seatown's hottest sushi spots (Wasabi, Umi, Rain), with the help of a buddy who'd invested in one of his previous employers, JSC's an elegantly-appointed split-level eat-space that boasts raw/booze bars up front, and a large-ish L-shaped dining room in the back, where they're serving dramatically plated sushi that's been given a touch of Latin flair, like the one-night-stand that just had Cristiano Ronaldo's baby. JSC's selection of signature rolls includes the spicy tuna/cucumber/cilantro Tres Diablos topped w/ tuna, salmon, yellowtail & strawberry habanero sauce; the sockeye, white king salmon & coconut mango glazed snow crab/tobiko/cilantro Orange Crush; and the shrimp & anago tempura/cream cheese Double Dragon topped by eel, a soy glaze, and arguably Ninja Gaiden. There's also 2-piece Nigri-style sushi (tuna, red bell pepper), salads (the feta/hazelnut vinaigrette Smoked Salmon and arugula), plus raw apps (the assorted sashimi/togarashi Rainbow Poke, Yellowtail Usu w/ jalapeno & pico de gallo), and warm ones like the skewered chicken Yakitori w/ teri sauce, which, considering she agreed to do Lois & Clark, must be at least 80-proof.

Not-teri sauce includes a large selection of sake & Japanese brews, plus a list of signature 'tails like the gin/lillet/Creme de Cacao/lemon 20th Century, and the reposado/green chartreuse/Maraschino Liquer/lime Tequila's Last Word, which, in the case of your buddy was "Oops, that meant to say 'Dad' not 'Brad'".