As a kid, watching cars cruise by inspired you to believe that one day, you too would be able to pick up babes whenever you wanted to, or even load up your trunk with that sugar cereal they only sell in Mexican grocery stores. Inspired by passing cars to make cool t-shirts, the guy behind Jeepney

Now living in Seattle, Jeepney's founder grew up in the Philippines, where these iconic surplus military vehicles are used as both public transportation and riotous mobile art exhibits -- a style he now employs on designs that sometimes rep his native country, but more often play with American pop-culture, which, thanks to the selflessness of Tim Tebow, has also probably found its way to Manila by now. Fresh drops include the Manny Pacquiao "Thrilla From Manila" series, notably "Super Pacq Mann", which features the champ as the round yellow chomper, with boxing gloves and a mustache soaring overhead in the Filipino flag colors; then there's the "Sole Mates" series, one a pink/turquoise-splashed number with a b&w image of a girl donning stylized sneakers, and another, "3 some", on which a bikini'd Filipino model lounges atop a Roman numeral 3 in a pair of Jordan IIIs (it's positively threeling). Graphic naughtiness continues with the "Puss N' Beats" series: "Hey DJ" depicts a tatted girl wearing only gold head phones, while on "8" a sultry brunette stares up at you from atop a vinyl record, leaving you flummoxed as to whether to make a "spinner" joke, a "get into the groove" one, or...neither.

There's also a slew of hip-hop inspired tees, like "All A Dream", sporting an image of NWA beneath Notorious B.I.G.'s classic line, which has been altered to include the Dodgers logo -- repping guys who can buy all the Tortazos del Azúcar, but can't get enough starting pitching.