Las Perlas

If you want to be the best, you need all different types of players, or, in the case of Nintendo Ice Hockey, two fat ones and two skinny ones. Adding another player to his bar arsenal, the guy behind Las Perlas

LP's an artisan mescal/tequila bar dolled up like an Oxacan cantina w/ dangling, circular chandeliers and mounted sheep's heads, from the guy whose all-star line up includes Doheny, Tony's, 7 Grand, Varnish, and the Golden Gopher, which is in constant danger of being blown up by Golden Bill Murray. The porcelain bar's stocked with over a hundred rare and hard-to-find bottles, including tequilas like the 8-month aged 7 Leguas Reposado and the dark-hued Chinaco Anejo, as well as mescals like the thrice-distilled Del Maguey Pechuga, the smokey Don Amado blanco, and Illegal Anejo, which's totally Romano Polanskez's favorite. Drinks're from the Rivera and El Carmen guys, and include the "400 Rabbits" (muddled raspberries, egg white, agave nectar, lime, Sombra mescal, red wine, bitters), the "Jalisco" (Carpano, El Jimador, orange bitters), and the pico de gallo powder/lime/agave/honey/egg white/mescal "Gringo," which in turn will sheepishly order a vodka soda.

Although most drinks are also topped w/ an edible garnish (peppers/berries/etc), Las Perlas isn't serving food itself, meaning you may need to go elsewhere, if you're looking for fat guys.