Restaurant royalty come together to make an ox

Bring together a team of complimentary talents, and nearly anything's possible, as evidenced by the Dream Team, or, more conclusively, the movie The Dream Team starring Stephen Furst. Teaming up to dominate your stomach, The Lazy Ox Canteen, opening Thursday

The Lazy Ox's an open-kitchen'd, industrial-feeling, wood-laden gastropub, helmed by an all-star group of restaurateurs, including the guy who opened the first Sushi Roku, the lauded chef from Opus, a beverage director from Boa, a former Fox Sports suit, and a past Chaya GM who "enjoys a great round of golf as much as a great meal" so... there's that! The menu's laden with all-over-the-place deliciousness: pan-fried skate wing w/ ham hock collared greens & shellfish Bearnaise; brick-roasted morcilla sausage w/ licorice pear, black garlic, and charred tomato; and a pancetta tomato sauce/aged pecorino "Jersey Cow Ricotta Agnolotti", whose scenes got cut from this season of Jersey Shore, where it was known as "The Fatness." For the inevitable drinkin', Ox's also got wine, sake, soju, and a carefully put-together beer menu, with 20-something options including the honeyish Napa Smith Pale Ale, Japan's hoppy, hard-to-find Ozeno Yukidoke IPA, and Canada's dark-colored Terrible, which's just being modest.

The plan's to bust out specials and discounts via their Twitter and Facebook, although they've already tipped off that they're planning a whole suckling pig very soon, which takes an entire team to properly eat, or Stephen Furst.