Mac and Cheeza

Mixing and matching is a lot of fun, especially if you get the right doll with a versatile color tone and a ton of casually cute and formally fancy outfits toppings. Get it your own way without the utter hassle of color coordination, at Mac & Cheeza.From the dudes behind the venerable Eagle Rock soul food joint Larkin's, Mac & Cheeza's a refrigerator box-sized, spartanly decorated, mostly-for-take-out ode to (wait for it)... mac & cheese, with a menu that's completely customizable, although they warn that the Sprewell rims require quite a bit of upkeep. Start with your choice of a base starch (regular pasta/rice noodles), which'll be filled with a four-cheese blend, and then go to town with twenty-or-so toppings, ranging from veggies (collared greens/jalapeno/peas) to meats (BBQ chicken/hot links/chorizo) to the suspiciously-nebulous-"food" (veggie sausage?). Concoctions range in size from the snack-ish Baby Mac to the feeds-15 Mac Daddy and's available cooked in-house or "Take and Bake" to go; they've also got a rotating slew of desserts based on recipes concocted by the owner's mother, like banana pudding, peach cobbler, and sweet potato pie, which Domino'll insist you break him off a piece of, seeing how he's feeling kind of freaky (and that's no lie). Though when they're full-on they'll be open during the day and on weekends til 2am, for a few weeks they'll be doing a soft run "in the evenings," which's perfect, since it's usually when you're putting the dolls to sleep hungriest.