Food & Drink

Mia At Biscayne

The ability to transform is awesome, like Jeff Goldblum turning into a fly, or tadpoles growing legs and maturing into something that looks like Jeff Goldblum. For a full-on resto that morphs into a full-on nightclub, duck into Mia On Biscayne.Sitting in the heart of downtown and feeling a bit like a high-end supper club circa '78, Mia's dining area rocks a fusion of Spanish, Latin, and Japanese plates and around midnight, transmogrifies into a nightlife hub, with a stage for live acts, a perimeter decked out in plush banquettes and technovations like a 16ft iBar tabletop with digital fish that react to your touch, a second floor VIP wrap-around balcony with dark booth-nooks, and a V-VIP spot that's essentially a cushy, upholstered cave, or a padded cell, depending on how the date's going. The menu offers both small & big plates: there's snack-size stuff like goat cheese crostini w/ thyme & organic honey, and salt-cured pork loin w/ smoked paprika, "new tapas" like confit of pork belly w/ potato pomade & a crunchy egg capsula, and tiradito like Kobe beef w/ ponzu, aji amarillo, and smoke oil, which D.A.R.E considers a gateway condiment. Shareable big plates include two versions of paella (rabbit w/ red wine/tomato vibe, and seafood w/ a saffron way), roasted pork w/ yuca & two mojos (de ajo and citrus), and sushi like the MIA Roll (lobster topped w/ spicy tuna, crispy plantain, scallions, & avocado crema), and one with hamachi, unagi, and cucumber, topped w/ avocado & crunchy spiced bass, called the Crunch Roll, at which the Captain always gets clever and says "aloha", even as the crunchberries do the loser-sneeze.Though the kitchen closes at 11pm on weeknights and 1am on weekends, nightlife powers on 'til 2am on Sun-Wed and 5am Thurs/Fri/Sat, with booze flowing from a menu with a bevy of fresh fruit mojitos, sake sangria, and drinks you eat with a spoon, like the Cosmo (vodka gelée, orange sorbet, cranberry froth, lime zest), and the Cuba Libre (dark rum gelée, coca-cola granitée, lemon froth) -- drinks morphed into foods, to help you morph into something that wiggles on the floor like a tadpole.