Orchard Street

Sometimes collectors' neurosis can reap rewards: if kept pristine, the $12 Eagles shirt you bought way back when could probably sell for enough to get you some good tickets for a show these days, although that would involve seeing the Eagles. For fashion stemming from a need to collect, look into Orchard Street

From two NYC buddies who started wearing, then collecting, particularly sweet rugby shirts in junior high, but eventually wanted fresher stuff, OS's latest drop features vibrant short sleeve rugbys, tees, and windbreakers that fuse bold, offbeat colorways with a touch of preppy, also the reason Screech got Zach sent to sensitivity training. Rugbys get a shorter-than-normal sleeve, rock the circular seven-star OS logo on the chest, and come in both simple solids like black or persimmon (reddish orange), and more arresting colorways like the "Mid Stripe", w/ swath of bright green & red stripes across the middle, and the "New Amsterdam" in red, with an Orchard Street patch across the chest, and NYC's five boroughs embroidered on the right hip, so everyone can be impressed you know of five whole places. Tees include "Love, Peace, OS" with a melting heart and peace sign, and the "O" as a Lifesaver candy, "Frequently Fly" in black, with the phrase in huge block letters down the front, and the "Split O Collegiate", a college crew tee with a big O on the back in different college colors that look like Penn and Dartmouth, so everyone can be impressed you know at least two schools

OS also makes slick front-zip windbreaker hoodies in ripstop nylon (w/ mesh lining and inner pocket) in colors like red w/ orange shoulder and hood, and one in black/pink, and've started to make shoes like the "Re-Up Lux", a hightop colab with Reebok sporting a black upper, laces off to the side, and one purple sole/one teal sole, though if the soles were black, they'd be forced to write Don Henley a check.