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Pizzeria Vesuvius

Combining forces can result in great things, like five mechanical super-lions uniting to form Voltron, or Captain Planet and those bomb-ass Planeteers other stuff. Representing the unified front of six ATL restaurateurs, Pizzeria Vesuvius

Nestled into the lofty former Bureau space, Vesuvius is a wood-fired pizza dine-in & delivery joint with upstairs seating for 60 at paper-covered tables and a winding, shiny tile/wood bar, plus a downstairs grotto functioning as a private event room with a DJ booth; the whole deal's a collaboration between six partners who've previously run popular local restaurants -- Bureau, Sotto Sotto, Noni's, Grant Central, and Thumbs Up, which apparently didn't get one from the guy who left to start this place. Non-pizza includes herbed chicken minestrone (w/ tomato, zucchini, squash, red onion), chili, sandwiches on homemade pitas, like house-smoked turkey (w/ onion, applewood-smoked bacon & cran-jalapeno mayo), and garlic/cheese/olive oil Bread Stick Things, in which Denise Richards totally makes out with a hoecake. They'll let you get nuts and build your own pizza or calzone using four cheeses (mozz, sharp cheddar, feta, queso fresco), 15 veggies (caramelized onion, red/green peppers, arugala), and eight meats (seasoned ground beef, roast pork, house-smoked ham...), and you can also nab predetermined pies like the Ring of Fire (w/ GA rock shrimp, onion, red pepper, spicy cocktail sauce), or the cheddar /onion/bacon/ground beef Big Southern Butte, which will foretell your future as you eat it

For your imbibing pleasure, there's red & white vinos, and 14 beers: seven in bottles, including Sam Adams Summer, and seven on tap, like Hoegaarden, 420, and Hennepin -- after a few, you'll feel like the power is yours; a few more, and your skin will turn blue.