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Atlanta's Best Alcohol-Filled Frozen Drinks Will Cool You Off This Summer

Summer isn’t letting up anytime soon. This is all too evident when we walk outside and immediately sweat through whatever clothes we thought would keep us cool. And let’s be honest, there’s only so much water to drink before we decide we need something a bit more flavorful… with the ability to distract our minds from the blistering heat. Cue Atlanta’s best alcoholic slushies.

Alcoholic poptails

King of Pops

Poncey-Highland (& other locations)

King of Pops took its delicious popsicles to another level with its cocktail popsicles -- aka poptails -- sold at their Ponce City Market location. Surprisingly refreshing, each poptail is inspired by previous King of Pops’ flavors and comes complete with a popsicle in the cup. Flavors range from grapefruit-orange blossom paloma, raspberry-lime margarita, and our favorite: orange basil bourbon, made with orange, bourbon, basil simple syrup, lemon, and freshly chopped basil.

The Jack & Coke Slushie

Victory Sandwich Bar

Inman Park and Decatur

Nothing pairs better with Victory’s Hambo sandwich than its Jack & Coke Slushie. It’s the ideal way to enjoy the patio in the summer, whether you’re an Inman Park regular or prefer the Decatur location. Perfectly blended, with just the right amount of booze, the slushie is incredibly addicting, though it WILL knock you down if you’re not careful.

The Luminary
Courtesy of The Luminary

Meghan Royale

The Luminary

Inman Park

For the wine aficionados, rosé is the easy choice for summer drinking. It’s light, a little sweet, and bubbly enough to keep us from melting in the heat. The Luminary took it a step further with the Meghan Royale, a rosé slushie cocktail which is -- at this point -- rivaling the wheel in its level of genius. The drink’s made with Aperol, lemon, a strawberry-balsamic gastrique, and a Champagne floater, and comes in a wine glass... so, you know, you can still drink with your pinky out.

Spiked Slushy

D.B.A. Barbecue


D.B.A.’s selection of spiked slushies is expansive to say the least. The rotating roster takes us back to a childhood full of 7-Eleven Big Gulps and the wild assortment of flavors you could mix together. Served in a Mason jar, the mixes include a spiked root beer slushy (which is great), and the crowd favorite -- an icy blueberry moonshine lemonade. Order yourself one of those plus a pile of BBQ and you’ll forget you look like you took a shower fully clothed.

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Muriel Vega thinks that the only way to survive summer is with an alcoholic slushie in hand. Follow her as she melts into a puddle at @murielvega.