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Atlanta's beer experts tell you what to drink this Summer


If there's one thing people from Atlanta love, it's... well, these 29 things. But they also love drinking beer. Preferably outside. But which beer, exactly? To help answer that question, we enlisted five eminent ATL suds experts and got them to pick the 10 beers you should be drinking this Summer. You're welcome.

Jason Santamaria, Second Self Beer Company 
Westbrook Brewing Gose
Jason says: "This has been my go-to beer this Summer. Gose is an older style of beer that is making a comeback. It's slightly salty and sour and has a lower ABV, making it very refreshing on a hot day. This particular one sells out fast, but I've had it at Porter, Leon's, and Ale Yeah."

Kelci Griffin

Terrapin Beer Company Hi-5 IPA
Jason says: "Athens’ new IPA is a solid Summer beer. You can grab it in a can and take it anywhere and get it at almost any grocery store with a half-decent beer section."

Rob Merrick, Cypress Street Pint & Plate Beer Geek
Full Sail Black Lager
Rob says: "I'm still, and always will be, a huge fan of a Schwarzbier (black lagers). Why? Black lagers are very food friendly. They pair with almost anything, plus you can cook with them... while also enjoying one, obviously. Full Sail Black Lager is especially fun because underneath the cap are rock, paper, scissors symbols that you can play games with. The bottles are very portable. Also, they're pretty low in ABV, so you can have a few of 'em."

Anderson Valley Gose
Rob says: "I absolutely love this old-world style of the Gose. A lot of breweries are embracing these old styles and bringing them to the US. It's a French-style wheat beer with a lot of coriander that almost tastes like lemongrass, with a little salt in the finish. Very refreshing. Somewhat sour and can be an acquired taste, but just try one on a hot day and you'll know why. Perfect with any fish dish or a ceviche."

Tyler Cates, Red Brick Brewing
Red Brick Brewing Dog Days Hefeweizen
Tyler says: "This is our light, easy drinking 4.1% wheat beer with notes of banana and bubblegum, thanks to the traditional German Hefeweizen yeast used in the brewing process."

Brian Diggleman, SweetWater Brewery
SweetWater Waterkeeper Hefeweizen
Brian says: "Definitely on the list because it's wonderful this year. Available everywhere where great beer is sold in Atlanta. Delicious Hefe with notes of orange, banana, and clove that's meant to be enjoyed by the water -- and helps protect it too!"

Creature Comforts Athena
Brian says: "Delightful Berliner Weisse made in Athens, Ga. Light-bodied, tart, and refreshing, making it the perfect warm weather beer."

Ale Sharpton
Sierra Nevada Rain Check
Ale says: "This tasty new imperial stout is brewed with ginger and lime at 8.9% ABV. I had it during the Atlanta Food & Wine Fest and it was pretty darn tasty."

Victory Beer Company Wild Devil Ale
Ale says: "For the sour heads out there, this adds wild brettanomyces to the already great Hop Devil IPA at 6.7% ABV."

New Belgium Rolle Bolle
Ale says: "This is a nice Summer beer brewed with monk fruit and soursop at 5.2%, too. Nice, right?"