The search for Denver's best cup of coffee is controlled by YOU

Rooster and Moon Coffee Denver

News flash: the Best Day of Your Life is happening on 6/21, thanks to a Thrillist-curated schedule of exactly how to spend the longest day of the year. Second news flash: having the best day of your life requires being awake, which requires coffee. So in putting together this itinerary, we need your help in picking out the city's best java joint: cast your vote in the comments below, then marvel in your own power when you watch readers flock to the place of your choosing

Put "A" in the comments to vote for Rooster and MoonTheir sizable space on Bannock St offers plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy java pulled from a fully mechanical, lever-action espresso machine. It takes a skillful hand to produce a mean cup, and they've got lots of those

Put "B" in the comments to vote for Pablo'sJava fiends flock to Pablo's Cap Hill and 6th Ave locations for cups of fresh coffee made from beans hand-roasted in Denver

Put "C" in the comments to vote for Happy CoffeeThe charmingly minimalist South Broadway coffeehouse serves cups from top roasters around the country, and utilizes a Chemex and Aeropress behind the counter to get the best out of their beans

Put "D" in the comments to vote for CremaA quaint Five Points java house that sources their beans from local roasters like Novo and national superstars like Intelligensia, Crema also packs in the crowds with always-fresh food and juice

These are your options! Now fire away in the comments section below with A, B, C, or D to make sure that the Best Day of Your Life includes the very best cup of Joe this city's got to offer.

Rooster and Moon Coffee Denver
Pablo's Coffee Denver
Happy Coffee Denver
Crema Coffee Denver