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This sexy downtown lounge wants you to rent it

Because there's nothing worse than throwing a party and having to put the Murphy bed up, there's Coze, a renovated 100yr-old Downtown loft space you can rent for bashes of up to 100 people.Tell your guests to enter through the bright orange front door, then step upstairs to the welcome area. French pillows are very welcoming.You should definitely let Nic Cage know that this is a clue leading him to a massive cache of old-ass treasure.There's a nice view of Downtown through that window.This ancient wheel is for powering an elevator (take the stairs).They've got a great list of caterers in case you don't, such as Culinary Atlanta, who can whip up an amazing mac & grits bar.With mad shrimp.They also work with Sublime Doughnuts.As for the bar, they'll stock it for you, or you can bring your own and hire their 'tender.Take the golden spiral staircase upstairs to overlook the success of your party, and revel in the fact that nobody messed up the perfect form of your beanbag chairs.Photo by Skybreak Studios