Food & Drink

Vodka, fried chicken, and vodka

Outwrite was an institution, but it's gone. Now, Gilbert's has annexed it like the Little Giants did Puerto Rico, creating an attached-to-Gil's "celebration lounge" focused squarely on artisanal vodkas and shared plates

What's round, lit-up, and gets blown around the globe? These glass lamps

They're stocking 100 vodkas from all over the earth, including Vietnam's Kai Lemongrass, Boru from Ireland, Snow Queen from Kazakhstan, and Slovakia's award-winning Double Cross

And Finlandia, from Mexico or something

This "assemblage art" was created from pieces of hacked-up furniture by a guy who, as a child, would "take apart Star Wars toys to create new worlds" that will doubtless outdo anything forthcoming Episode 53

What up Powder

Even Tollbooth Willie wouldn't want to come out of this boooooth, in no small part thanks to the blackened shrimp & scallop nachos, or chicken & waffles w/ North GA sorghum syrup.