If variety is the spice of life, then selecting from over hundreds of tequila varieties is the whole dang spice cabinet of life. We've put together a quintet of five hot agave spots -- all you've got to do is work out when you're gonna get over there.

Bone Garden Tequila Club
Tequila Bona Fides: 50 bottles, including a barrel aged beast called Fatass Anejo. Because it's wide with flavor.
Quick Bite: The Puerco Azteca tamale. Do it.

Tequila Bona Fides: 40+ tequilas bolstered by devilish house infusions -- por ejemplo, the Diabilito, featuring blood orange sour, serrano'd tequila, and a chili-lime rim.
Quick Bite: The foie gras empanada. Because foie gras empanada.

Mi Cocina
Tequila Bona Fides: 30+ tequilas and a dozen margaritas headlined by the Mambo Taxi -- famous around Dallas for being consumed by just about anybody who's famous in Dallas.
Quick Bite: Bacon-wrapped shrimp brochettes stuffed with jalapeños & jack cheese.

Tequila Bona Fides: 40+ tequilas never go out of style. Cocktails like the Calibre 50 (agave nectar, orange, and Angostura bitters) will ensure you're not just hanging on the wall.
Quick Bite: The steak salad, because it's a salad, but really it's a steak.

Mezcalito's Cocina and Tequila Bar
Tequila Bona Fides: 35+ tequilas are shored up by experiments like the Devil Water in the photo above, which is infused with ten kinds of peppers.
Quick Bite: The chilaquiles, which is a tortilla lasagna. Mexican Garfield approves.

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1. Bone Garden Tequila Club 1425 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30318 (West Atlanta)

Commencing this Saturday during the Mexican cantina's 2nd-anniversary bash is Tequila Club: a nobleman's challenge to sample all 50 agave hooches on their menu under the guidance of house mixologist Michael Cook, charting your progress and rewarding drinking diligence with a $25 gift certif at the halfway point, various liquor-co swag throughout, and once you've run the gamut, the chance to concoct your very own margarita, which'll go on the menu next to your name, which won't be that big a deal if your name is "Sizzling Fajitas".

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2. MAR 314 East Howard Ave, Decatur, GA 30030 (Decatur)

Hit up this Mex-taurant for fish tostadas and tacos, as well as some serious 'tails like the Little Devil margarita.

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3. Mi Cocina 1080 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309 (Midtown)

Face it, su cocina will never encompass two floors featuring a modern ambience, ornithological murals, crazy-good Tex-Mex grub, and cocktails that don't consist of only cheap rum and Mr. Pibb, so you should head over to Mi Cocina to get all of that and more.

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4. Mezcalito's Cocina and Tequila Bar 304 Oakland Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

A beefed-up Grand Park offshoot of Mezcalito's Cantina in Decatur, this upgraded taqueria serves enough chilaquiles, handcrafted margaritas, and shots of spicy tequila, that you'll feel like you're moved down South! In that you'll be slowly, surely sliding from your seat towards the floor.

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5. Moderna 8540 Roswell Rd, Ste 100, Atlanta, GA 30350 (Atlanta)

This modern taqueria and entertainment facility serves authentic Mexican street food and authentic Mexican not-street food. Their chef's nickname is "Nacho", so you know it's good.



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