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Atlanta Virginia Highlands

Virginia Highland/Poncey-Highland: home to beautiful old antiques, and antique-old strippers at Clermont Lounge. Plus, you know, a lot of other stuff, the best of which is below

Where I Go To Feel Dirty In The Best Possible Way:Clermont Lounge789 Ponce De Leon Ave NE; 404.874.4783Having survived years of pending closures and condemnation, the Clermont Lounge is Atlanta's oldest strip club and home to cheap beers, plastic cup shots, karaoke, and live music. Oh, and of course: mature talent, often being referred to as "where strippers go to die". If you're lucky, Clermont mainstay Blondie will do this trick with a beer can you've got to see to believe.Why aren't you there already?

Sweat Your Ass Off To The Beat:MJQ Concourse736 Ponce De Leon Ave NE; 404.870.0575The Atlanta club scene can be hit or miss with outrageous covers and overpriced drinks, but "Fantastic Fridays" are a sure thing, as the leaky underground bunker hosts The Party Superheroes: DJ Majestik, DJ Fudge, DJ Lord, and D.R.E.S. tha BEATnik.Dance your way to more info... or something...

Nightly Offerings To Feed Your Inner Dork, Shark, and Genius:Diesel Filling Station870 N Highland Ave; 404.815.1820The VaHi filling station's got nightly events that'll keep you yelling obscenities in the best possible way, like Dirty Bingo Mondays, Nerd-Core Trivia Tuesday, Texas Hold'em Wednesdays, and Dirty South Trivia Thursdays. So there's no night of the week where you can't flex your intellectual muscle over a brew and Hot Mess Burger with chili, jalapeños, a poached egg, and cheddar cheese.Fill up on more Diesel info

Come Get The Blues, Even If You're In A Good Mood:Blind Willie's828 N Highland Ave; 404.873.2583Pull up a chair, grab a drink, and wax poetic about how your lady left you for your friend/brother/dog at Highland blues house Blind Willie's. First opened in 1986, the blues bar puts an emphasis on bringing older working musicians and current bands to town to lyrically lament.See Willie's at their official site

Food That Pleases 24/7:Majestic Diner1031 Ponce De Leon Ave NE; 404.875.0276For a place to stay open for 80+ years, they've got to be doing something right... or, you know, sold their soul for an eternal business. Whatever the case, Poncey-Highland's Majestic Diner has been serving up "Food That Pleases" since 1929, with a menu full of classic all-day offerings for late-nighters staggering in from Clermont (burgers, dogs, and vanilla milkshakes) and rat-racers just getting their day started (stacks of pancakes, eggs, and fresh coffee).All the 411 on your Majesty's greasy spoon

Vintage Clocks, Typewriters, And Other Cool Dust Collectors:Paris on Ponce716 Ponce De Leon Pl NE; 404.249.9965An antique and consignment shop with everything from vintage typewriters and hubcaps to tractor engine coffee tables and bedazzled guillotines (you know, for when you need 'em), Paris on Ponce moonlights as an event space for wedding receptions/corporate events and is definitely a place you can get lost in and spend hours marveling at the most random stuff ever.Plus de info, here

Frozen Happiness On A Stick:King of Pops1079 North Ave NE; 404.507.6774The search for Spring and Summer cool-off goodies can get a bit sketchy with creepy ice cream trucks and umm, you creepily following them, so check out this cart. The regal pop maker provides fresh, all-natural frozen treats like Grapefruit Hibiscus and Chocolate Seasalt, and has even upped the ante with boozy "poptails", like the tequila-infused Strawberry Margarita and Loaded Arnold Palmer.Jump here for more on Michael Jackson's King of Pops

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