Craft beers, plus it's always 4:20

The guy who built an empire of bikini-themed bars is now doing his part to make 6th a little less dirty. Set in a former two-story Yassine front restored to its original 1887 appearance (exposed brick, longleaf pine), The Chicago House serves as both another feather in the cap of Austin's burgeoning craft beer scene, and an homage to the owner's upbringing on the south side of Chicago. Rotated at the same rate as your underwear (a near-daily basis!), the 18 taps (think Shiner FM 966 Farmhouse, Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat...) will also be supplemented by firkins The Chi has sent to their favorite brewers to fill with exclusive rarities. Left Hand Milk and 512 Cascabel Cream stouts are both running on nitro lines, which probably won't go over well with Thunder, Tower, and the rest of the guys on the Wall. The owner's pick is the Wild Bear from 512, which uses a wild fermentation process for an aroma with hints of tart cherries, oak, and, like the wife of King Minos, "a touch of barnyard funkiness”. Joining Colorado and Washington State, Chicago House's clocks are all stopped at 4:20.