Food & Drink

A classy West Campus watering hole

Here's the most momentous event in West Campus drinking since that magical summer of '97 when you could drink Everclear while singing "I Will Buy You A New Life": Freedmen's, whose soda fountain-influenced cocktails actually hark back to the building's original 1889 incarnation as a general store.The bar's name references the location's history as a gathering point for, well, freedmen, not one of whose descendants would go on to listen to Everclear. The menu's made of sturdier stuff than most W Campus condos, and in addition to the 'tails lists taps like Rogness's Yogi and Circle's Blur Texas Hefe.The Daily Muddle is not a newspaper that makes world events even less clear, but rather a rotating drink that includes this number with Pepe Z Silver Tequila, muddled grapefruit & thyme, lime, and smoked jalapeno-infused agave.The Bloody Swine features bacon fat-washed Forty Creek Canadian Whisky, cherry tomato, basil, black pepper, lime, and a bacon salt rim job.The 'Q is courtesy of a pitmaster from NYC's Hill Country, who also puts his smoker to use in the making of cocktail syrups that'll make everything wonderful now. Even though your father left and you're on heroin.