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You're gonna drink ATX's best coffee, just right after you tell us what it is...

The counter at Caffe Medici

The Best Day of Your Life. It's a thing now. A thing where we spend the longest day of the year, June 21st, together doing a 15hr itinerary of Thrillist-approved awesome that'll include us buying you drinks and complimenting you on your Stussy shirt. Thing is, we're still debating a slot or two on the itinerary, which's where you come in. We want your input on this fair city's finest coffee. So check out our picks for the city's best cup of Joe below, and tell us who gets your vote in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Put "A" in the comments to vote for Caffe MediciCM slings Cuvee coffee brewed on three La Marzocco FB 80s (Italian for "Fancy Makers of Delicious Coffee"), and they pride themselves on always having a wide selection of direct-trade beans. Plus, they host educational coffee talks and events throughout the year, so, yeah, these guys are serious about their coffee. Put "B" in the comments to vote for CenoteCenote was built into a 19th century church, so get ready to kneel at their altar for a Rockstar bagel (made daily on-site), next level breakfast tacos, five draft beers, and a selection of Cuvee's finest beans.Put "C" in the comments to vote for Houndstooth CoffeeHoundstooth's a simple, one-room beanporium, but there's nothing simple about their offerings. They've got beans from famous roasters all over the country (NYC's Counter Culture, Chi-town's Intelligentsia...), all of which get put through their retro Italian-made espresso machine with custom wood paneling. Put "D" in the comments to vote for Thunderbird CoffeeT-Bird deals only with direct-trade beans, meaning that they know the folks who grow their beans, and can assure their quality. And YOU deal almost exclusively with TacoDeli breakfast tacos, which they've got as well, so there's no doubt about the quality of their food offerings. These are your choices. Now make your voice heard in deciding whose coffee will be a part of the Best Day of Your Life by throwing an A, B, C, or D in the comments section below.

A cup of coffee at Caffe Medici
The interior at Cenote
A cup of Houndstooth Coffee
The sign at Thunderbird Coffee